Yesterday Shrove Tuesday or Fettisdagen was celebrated in Sweden – a day designated to eat Semla in Sweden. In 2020, I had explored few cafes for the semla they have to offer – link, hence I decided to explore some more Semla types this year. I did not sit down in these cafes to enjoy their ambience and service.. But merely concentrated on buying “to go” Semla. I assume if you are anywhere interested in Sweden, you must have heard about this sweet bun!

This year’s agenda was to eat different kinds of Semla as well as compare few “Classic Semla” from well known bakeries of Stockholm. Let’s directly start with it then. I started by Semla celebration a month back and ordered a Semla almost every weekend.

I started off and ended this journey yesterday with a classic Semla from Gateau. It is perfect. Good proportion of almond paste and cream.

Pistachio Semla from Bröd och Salt was next on agenda. I mean you will not regret it. The amount of pistachios are almost overwhelming. Also, quite unusual feeling to eat crunchy pistachios while eating a Semla. Nevertheless, it was a good and different experience.

Café near St Eriksplan T Bana

Next week on Nutella day 5th February, I secured my Nutella Semla from Balders Bröd in Solna centrum. I have mixed feelings about this Semla. It had Nutella but somehow the combination wasn’t what I had imagined it to be. Just because I love Nutella I did not dislike it either.. May be I won’t eat such a sweet one next time.

After this I tried two Semla s that I had never tasted before. One of them was Chocolate Truffle and other one was Red Velvet from Lindquist’s. I absolutely loved the appearance and taste. I ate the chocolate one and it was impossible for me to try the red velvet immediately for three reasons – I didn’t want to change my happiness immediately with change of taste, then it was too delicious yet super sweet and it was quite filling as well.

Next day I devoured red velvet Semla with no regrets and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I went back to trying a Classic Semla from Vete-Katten after these experiments. It was classic, basic, refreshing and known. Yet it was delicious.. No one can beat this perfect taste of Classic Semla. It actually doesn’t need anything else.

We were almost ending through the Fettisdagen month, even the family declared that we have had too many experimental ones this season and should stick to Classic Semlas again. Hence, we ended the season with Classic Semla from Fabrique at Fleminggatan. They had a plant based Semla with Oat cream.

By far these were the most delicious Semla with really good amount of almond paste. I want eating just the whipped cream and Semla bun at any given point. The almond paste made it to every bite almost. I was happy the most after eating their Semla. Do visit the Cafe. Even though its a chain bakery, I liked the one I visited with friendly staff. It can beeasily located – just outside Fridhemsplan T bana.

If you have reached the end, congratulations you survived a rally of Semla pictures 😊 buy yourself a good one from any of these bakeries and enjoy it.

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  1. HomeCulinaryCrafts Avatar

    This looks so yummy 😋

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    1. Eat Click Travel Repeat Avatar

      It is delicious! 😋


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