After spending a rainy evening in Hallstatt the day before, we woke up to a glorious sunny morning. I opened the window to see clouds disappearing and witnessed bright sunny blue sky. A few moments later, we heard music from far away. Feeling curious, we opened the window again to see a band of musicians walking past our hotel. We guessed that these were part of festivities of the Easter Sunday. Determined to make this day count, before we leave to Graz by evening train, we quickly got ready to explore Hallstatt on a bright sunny day.

Our hotel was literally 3 minutes from the World Heritage Skywalk. We quickly bought tickets for the cable car ride up to the viewing point. After a mere 5 minute ride, we were upstairs. The views from 360 meters above of the Hallstatt village are breathtaking. It was definitely a wise decision not to come here on the rainy day as I am not sure we would have seen the same views.

There is literally a queue to the photo point where people take their pictures. We found a bench to sit and just stared at the amazing views that were offered to our eyes. It was a bit crowded and had plenty of opportunities to do people watching, if the views weren’t breathtaking, then that would be the thing to do. There are mountains, villages, water, tiny churches, roads, trees, snow and many more things to admire from these points. They also have a restaurant /café if you wish to eat or drink while doing so.

After watching and taking out pictures to our hearts content. We came back to the roads and headed again towards the Panaromablick Hallstättersee. Please see the video below just to believe what views we have seen. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

After this we moved on and took some pictures at Hallstatt Lahn. It is the stopping point for all the tourist buses. This place is quite crowded as this is the first view one sees as they enter in Hallstatt, but as one walks away from this place, there is much more to see.

We kept on walking till the Market Platz, admiring the crowded streets and wondering if we should also eat an ice-cream, as it was perfect weather to do so. But , we kept a good pace and reached Viewpoint Hallstatt. This place is very crowded but gives the postcard picture that we observe and see everywhere whenever we mention Hallstatt.

Our last stop while returning from this viewpoint, we stopped at Hallstattersee Schifffahrt. We took a lake ride from Hallstatt end of the lake till the other end. It is a mere 10minute ride but gives a different perspective to this village and it’s beauty.

On arriving on the other end, we were ready to take out train journey towards Graz. Many people arrive at Hallstatt via train and then enter this village after taking a ferry ride. But, we enjoyed three bus journey from Salzburg to Hallstatt, it was quite scenic and easy


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