Capri Island is a small island situated in the Tyrrhenian sea. It is recognized as the metropolitan city of Naples.

The moment I had planned this trip, my mother in law who is one of my biggest inspiration for travelling, mentioned that back in 1980s, she and my father in law had been to Capri Island when visiting Naples. Infact this was one of the first places she saw in Italy and found it to be extremely beautiful. We were encouraged to hear this, and started off our trip with this place!

How to reach Capri?

Only way to reach Capri is by ferry. Companies like NLG and Caremar are some of them who have regular ferry boats starting from this ferry. We took NLG ferry boat at 12.40, costing 24 euros per person and had quite a smooth journey. Children below 5 years of age travel for free. Please check the timetable before you board the ferry boat.

If you don’t plan to stay in Capri or have a pre-booked accommodation then plan your day appropriately so that you don’t miss the last ferry out from the island. Even though it seems basic, time flies once you are exploring this island and one can be rushed to catch the last ferry.

What to do in Capri?

We had reached Capri, with zero planning. I guess it was one of those trips where in I had booked to and fro tickets and hotel bookings , but had no idea what to see in the islands when I reach. So, after reaching the port, we bought an ice-cream at a local store, waited near the port just randomly looking at the view. We didn’t have a plan. After about half an hour, we decided to book ourselves return ticket from Capri island. Just then I saw the gates of the funicular ride, I enquired about the ticket price for the ride and reached.

Take boat rides around the Capri island

One of the first things you will see after getting down the ferry ride near the port are multiple places where you can book boat rides to take around the island to watch grottos, beautiful beaches and Archo naturale (arc created in these rocks naturally over many years). Clearly we didn’t ltake any of these rides, otherwise I would know how to write about it better. All I know is one can book rides with family or be part of larger Group boat rides. Since we had a toddler with whom we just managed first ferry ride of 50 minutes, another hour or more on water seemed a risky idea – We did not want to test patience or sea ( water) sickness.

Funicular ride from Port till center of the Capri island

Ticket for the funicular ride can be found just near the port. Ask for a return ticket if you wish to return back to the port. One way ticket for one person costs 2.20 euros. Again the toddler rides for free.

This ride is merely of five minutes. Tickets need to be punched in before you board the ride. Keep looking at the views from the windows as well as down from where you left! While we were ascending towards the top, we observed local houses living on the island, their way of living, garden with lemon ladened trees.

Take a moment to enjoy the island from the top

Most people seemed to be enjoying sunny Capri just outside the exit of funicular ride. We immediately went to the telescope area kept near the exit and did a photoshoot for ourselves! It was a perfect place with best views of the Island. We did our photoshoot from the corner there!

Take a walk on the island

Almost next to it is the Piazzetta di Capri which seemed like an ideal place to enjoy the lunch or dinner while doing some people watching. Most restaurants had outside seating and was a buzzing with tourists who want to take funicular ride.

Map to explore the island

While walking along the island, we stumbled upon a map which provided a walking trail to cover various points on the island this covering some of the breath taking views!

There were multiple shops selling Lemoncillo and ceramics made in the region.

Capri is well functioning city and one can see local municipal cars ( 1 seater narrow ones) cleaning up or moving things.

We observed some very intriguing sculptures. Something I enjoyed was trying out fragrances kept to try outside the Carthusia perfume shop.

Eat the lemon sorbetto on Capri Island

One thing we definetly tried is eating the lemon sorbetto on the island. Capri is mainly famous for its Lemoncillo, perfumes and may be also the Sorbetto. We stumbled upon this shop and enjoyed our sorbetto! It was a small place with a cute vibe and great taste.

Watch the views from the Rooftop cafe

We decided to visit Capri Rooftop for a cup of coffee and it’s views. I would recommend it if you don’t plan to visit the official view points. This cafe has a great vibe, views and service.

Getting out of Capri

After our coffee, we rushed back to the funicular ride down to the port to board the last ferry to Sorrento! We bought tickets last minute. It costs is 17 euro per person, toddler rides free. It was a crowded ferry and quite a long ride.

While aboard, I wondered looking at the waves, how quietly fierce the water was.. I wondered about how people on the island must have lived back in the day and the “Capri bell” story that I heard on the island. Capri bells are believed to protect you from harm, just follow the sound and sold in many shops. Don’t we all just need a little bit of protective sounds to guide us too!


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