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Blueberry Cheese cake

I tried out the recipe created by the chefs at Café & Restaurant Kärnhuset; Mattias Skoglund and Madléne Mannson. This recipe is available on this link. I did not find the exact ingredients from this recipe and I replaced them with similar products from other companies. First the base of the cheesecake is made using Marie

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Chocolate festival 

I wanted to update the blog of pictures from Chocolate festival. I had visited this festival held in Stockholm on October 6th, 2016. It was a wonderful event. I guess like many of these chocolate festivals, it was a held in a huge hall of Stockholmsmässan. At the very entrance of this hall was a

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Cottage cheese apricot delight!

I have tried making this dessert twice now and it tastes incredibly good! So, arrange in any glass or beautiful container the following layers. Lower most layer should be of 0.2% fat Kvarg i.e. cottage cheese. Add a layer of readymade apricot maralade. Then add sunflower seeds and sliced/grated almonds. I garnished with red raspberry

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