If the title confused you, then let me tell you it’s the most honest it can be in current situation. I am not a chef, I am a researcher and this was a delicious experiment. Recipe cannot be declared as a perfect cheesecake recipe but will give you a better idea of where you are heading. Google again to find one.. If you really can… Though wait if you can..

I am declaring this as sort of icecream cheesecake. Because it did not set in 24 hours of refrigerating and I had to push the setting by freezing it for three hours. Hence when cut and eaten it was a icecream cheese cake.

First thing first, why no bake? Because I didn’t want the egg flavoured crumbliness of the cheesecake. I didn’t want to bake and yet want a soft cheese cake.

I loved this icecream cheesecake no matter what, it was delicious.

What “is” this cheesecake?

  • Soft & Sweet
  • Cold & delicious
  • Beautiful & delicious

What do you need?

  • Biscuits
  • Cake tin
  • Unsalted butter
  • Mango pulp
  • Cream cheese
  • Sugar
  • Condensed milk
  • Whipped cream (you need it but I haven’t used it).. Read on..

I used an entire 400g Digestive biscuit packet to create a base 23 cm spring form cake tin. Start with crushing the biscuits for the base. Add 200g of molten unsalted butter and 2tbsps of sugar to it and mix it well. Spread it across the base and the sides of the cake tin. Refrigerate the base for 15-20 minutes until you make the batter.

In a bowl, mix 400g of cream cheese. It should be room tempererature. Then I added 300g of condensed milk and 200 ml of canned mango pulp. Please use fresh one of it is at your disposal. Mixed it with a hand mixer at a low setting (don’t over beat it). I also added half teaspoon of vanilla.

But anything with mango, condensed milk and cream cheese is bound to taste good. What’s not to like! At this point in a perfect world I should have added whipped cream. I don’t know how much?! Since I didn’t add it.

I added the rich mango cheesy mixture in the biscuit base that I had refrigerated earlier. As I was pouring it I wondered if it will set.. Was trusting cream cheese alone enough? But overly optimistic (read underprepared) person that I am, I referigerated it for more than 24 hours.(appreciate my patience, it looked and tasted yum, but I didn’t cut it and declare it a failure)

Still the top part was jiggly. Hence I freezed it and voila within two hours. It was ready!!

I decorated it with dried flowers, molten Nutella and silver sugar balls. Look it was perfect when I sliced it in semi frozen state.

Absolutely loved the taste of my cheesecake 😁

Whipped cream, condensed milk and flavour when frozen also makes an icecream. Check out my icecream post.


Hence! Whipped cream, condensed milk, cream cheese, biscuits made a no bake icecream cheesecake.

I have baked and eaten cheesecake before and always wondered about the “no bake” version and always wondered if it is as simple as it sounds. So, it was not (if you don’t use whipping cream), or was it because it was my first try. Even though you read that bake recipes should be followed exactly, sometimes you want to try after getting a gist of it. I made a mistake of over trusting the word “pour”. If your batter isn’t thick enough to be poured and yet set, it’s not going to set well.

What could have saved it but I haven’t tried? I didn’t want to add gelatin OR more cream cheese AND/OR whipping cream whipped in a separate container. All of which could have saved me time and set it instantly on three or 24 hours of refrigerating.

But I will try adding whipping cream, next time when I feel like eating cheesecake again.

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