Beetroot smoothie. The actual color was magenta. My camera couldn’t even pick the right color. I put the glass in different places to get a good photograph. I was trying to find good light so that the magenta color could shine and pop out!
I have developed a really liking towards smoothie these days. I feel healthy after drinking it hence the fascination. I generally drink these after a workout.
Yes! After much reluctance, I have finally managed to excercise with some success. I don’t know how long will it continue. But, currently I am in a zone of healthy eating, clean eating and burning some reluctant fat off my body.
This smoothie was a blend of beetroot, raspberry, blueberry, zucchini, almonds and almond milk. I always drink/eat and layer my smoothie with muesli.☺ Hope you enjoy making this delicious treat! 🙆
Oh! Also added a pinch of sugar… 😊

Have fun everyone and love yourself the most! 💚💜


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  1. Rödbeta smoothie Avatar

    […] is ‘beetroot’ in Swedish. I have three (Beetroot smoothie, Beetroot shoot smoothie, and Grand smoothie) smoothie recipes on the blog which already have […]


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