Five icecreams in a day

Quarantine life has been educational and full of unique experiences to say the least. I decided to try making icecream at home because aren’t we all trying to do things we haven’t done. Somehow daily news from pandemic scene can only only be handled this way!! I need that hope, feeling of constant mini achievements and indulgence of sweet desserts to survive 2020.

So, the icecream base remains simple and can be found in many recipes online, glad to report here that it works!!

The two ingredients required for the ice cream base are condensed milk and full fat whipping cream. Now to those living in Sweden we are talking about Vispgrädde 36%fat (5dl i.e 500ml) and condensed milk from Rainbow (400g). Once you have the icecream base prepared, next is to just mix the flavours.

I decided to pour the entire amount of Vispgrädde in my glass bowl, whisk it and then decide about the flavours. I was not sure what and how much a whisked 500 ml Vispgrädde will turn into or look like. I whisked it using my electric whisker (basically not by hand) first on low speed and then on high speed until I saw mild stiff peaks. After whisking, I was glad I took a huge bowl for this task because the air just fills in making it fluffier and soft.

Then I added almost entire content of my condensed milk can and whisked on medium speed until I was sure that both the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. This resulted in a huge bowl of icecream base at my disposal.

Icecream flavours I chose solely depended on the ingredients available at my disposal. I was sure about making mango icecream and the rest were decided on the spot.

Icecream base

Mango icecream

Take 2 cups of icecream base and 1 cup of mango pulp,mix it thoroughly. Add it to the box you want to freeze your icecream in, seal with cellophane and freeze it for atleast 12 hours. I removed it the next day.

Trick is to keep 1:2 ratio between your mango pulp and icecream base. Mango I had yielded entire cup of pulp. I did blend it once to form uniform consistency of the pulp. Add a tbsp of sugar if your mango is not sweet enough for your taste.

Mango icecream is ready!!

Pistachio icecream

For pistachio flavour, I used the spice grinder attachment of my mixer to grind fifteen pistachios. I guess it would have yielded around 20 gms of powder. I mixed almost 3\4th of it in one cup of icecream base, mixed it and pistachio icecream is ready. I sprinkled the rest on top and froze it till next day. Basically this icecream will result lesser scoops because of only one cup of icecream base used.

Since I did not add any green food colour, it turned out to be whitish green icecream and not at all green as found in markets.

It is a much smaller box

Coffee chocolate icecream

Okay, since I had sweetened chocolate powder from Ohoy brand, I did not add large quantities of sugar in this icecream. First I whisked a concoction of 1/4 cup of instant coffee, 2tsp sugar and 1/4 cup of water. I whisked 1 cup of icecream base, 1/2 cup of my chocolate powder and this coffee solution. This was quite liquid when inserted in the freezer. Remember to cellophane all your icecream boxes to avoid crystals.

Result was a superb bitter sweet coffee chocolate icecream. None of the flavours were compromised. Loved it.

Coffee chocolate icecream

Avocado lemon icecream

Blend pulp of one ripe avocado with few spoons of icecream base and one big squeeze of lemon. Now mix this in rest of the one cup of icecream base. Freeze it till next day. Even though avocado shined through this icecream, next time I might as a little bit of more of lemon juice. Still I should consider a success. My husband thinks if you are not used to avocado in sweet flavour or not ready to experiment then this one might not be good you. But I think it was good and creamy thanks to avocado. Go for it! No food colour was added and the natural green of avocado came through giving it a bright appearance.

Avocado Lemon icecream

Chocolate Chili

So my last cup of icecream base was mixed with chocolate powder, 1tsp of chilli powder and crushed dried red chilli. It tasted brilliant when I was freezing it. After removing the next day.. The crushed flakes provided the required super spicy zing but the rich chocolate flavour was equally strong. Next time will add two red chillies may be.. But for now, I also garnished the icecream with extra chilli..making it perfect.

Please do try making these icecreams and let me know which flavour are you going to try. This has given me so much confidence of trying it one more time before the summer ends. Next time I have to try kesar (saffron) pista, butterscotch and any berry icecream. Also, mental note to self after this successful icecream making session is “buy that icecream scooper” for better photographs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wowww… Looks yummy!!

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    1. It tastes good too! 😊👍


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