It’s been some weeks now that I have seen this movie, yet I would want to write about it. It is best to write about the movie, immediately after watching it, because now after three weeks or so, what is left in my mind, are just few scenes and memories of the feelings I had felt back then. But may be that’s the true test of movies or content these days, How long does human brains retain it? What is the impact left on their minds?

What I remember from this movie is a feeling of triumph at the end, a note of suffering in the middle and a feeling of slow paced life. I must say after living in India and now comparatively a calmer Sweden, the life of African village was bound to seem even calmer. Stockholm is a calmer city than Mumbai , but all the movies/ series set in calmer village settings have a different impact. Don’t care that village is from India or Africa. Watch “Panchayat” on Amazon Prime for that Indian village feeling. I mean the honest attires, houses and a modest living of a farmer are depicted well.

Plot revolves around a young talented boy who ends up saving his village by creating a make shift wind turbine. Based on true story of William Kamkwamba, actor Maxwell Simba did such a wonderful job portraying his character. Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays the father in the movie has written and also directed the movie. Both of them are truely convincing in their roles. They are effortless, smooth and precise.

Let’s get to it, three scenes that left an impact on me. I will make it simple by saying that all these scenes were around the climax of the movie. When starvation hits the village and William has to go in a nearby village to get grains. At the same time when his mother and sister are attacked in the village. Those scenes are picturised powerfully and the actress have shown so many emotions in few words. I think that is the highlight of the entire movie. There is a word called “thehrav” in Hindi language. That is what I felt or saw in the eyes of the actors. Characters are aware of their own situation, how bad it is, they are losing hope, but still fighting through it. Ahh! it is portrayed through empty eyes.

Third scene is not when William makes the windmill but many scenes before when he discovers the book describing which will be helpful in making one. Then many scenes later when he executes his idea to his friends. Both these scenes are simply heart warming to see someone try something and achieve success. Gives so much hope to the characters and the viewers.

The drought situation complexed with lack of food provided by the government is heartbreaking to see. Another reminder to remain thankful of our own situation, need to keep giving back to the society however we can and never loose the grip on reality. We live in absolute other end of spectrum where food gets wasted. In Sweden, we have apps like Too good to go and Karma who are fighting food wastage. I know it is a stark contrast to the situation in these villages, but always remember to help wherever you can.

Does your city have food warriors? Do you contribute in saving food wastage?

Anyway, do watch this movie when you crave something slow paced, closer to reality and with good acting.

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